Daytona Intern Gains New Perspective On The Landscape Industry!

This is a guest post, written by Anthony, about his intern experience with us this summer.

Working at the Daytona Beach Branch for the past eight weeks has been exciting. I’ve seen and experienced nearly every aspect of the landscape business, from meeting clients to working out in the field with mow crews. At the University of Florida I studied crop production, so landscapes and ornamental plants are new to me.

I’ve learned so much it’s hard to recount. I came in not knowing how to operate a lot of the equipment used for landscape management. I can now effectively use an edger, zero-turn and walk-behind mowers with sulkies and a tractor. I’ve been able to interact and learn from my mentor as well as nearly every member of the Daytona team. Sometimes, it can be a little awkward as the intern, but being at this branch and in this environment has taught me how to work with a wide range of people.

I didn’t notice landscapes much before this internship, but now I notice well managed landscapes and those that need an expert’s help all of the time. I can now assess when something’s been done well, or not. I’ve gained a better perspective of the everyday needs of a landscape that I don’t believe can be gained in a classroom. There’s a distinct difference when you learn how to spray plant protection products in theory, and when you carry 40 pounds of liquid solution on your back in the middle of a highway median. I have spent the last few years doing the former, so to have the opportunity to do the latter is more valuable than words can describe.

Interning with Yellowstone is challenging, there is a lot of work required to be done, but it is also one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career so far. I’ve learned so much about an area of agriculture that I wasn’t familiar with. It’s an experience I highly recommend.

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Atlanta West Intern Sharpens His Management Skills

This is a guest post, written by Mark, about his intern experience with us this summer.


As a 2016 summer Intern with Yellowstone Landscape, there are a number of experiences that have influenced me in a positive way, but one in particular has really stood out.

Learning how to operate a zero-turn mower could be compared to pursuing an internship. It is an intimidating task that holds a lot of uncertainty if you have never operated one before. The zero-turn mower is much larger and faster than any landscape equipment that I have used in the past. Likewise, this is the first internship I have done, and Yellowstone is a large, fast-paced company. Both tasks seemed daunting at first, but the more you get the hang of the controls, or familiarize yourself with the people at your branch, everything runs smoothly, like a well-oiled machine.

Learning to maneuver a mower over a curb or rough terrain is comparable to the unexpected challenges that the managers encounter each day in the many facets of the business. For example, one day a crew truck was experiencing issues and required maintenance right away. The manager had to get the truck repaired and then figure out the best way to allocate the crew’s time spent at each property that day.

As a management major, it is important for me to observe and learn from my Mentor when situations like this occur. Figuring out the best solution for an unforeseen mishap is a hands on process that you cannot learn in a classroom. I realize that the company must take many factors into account when making decisions that affect the budget, labor hours and safety. Ultimately, with time and experience, you will become proficient in not only running landscape equipment, but also running the many facets of a landscape management business.


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Why Commercial Landscaping Clients Should Care About Pokemon Go

Seriously. You should pay attention to this thing. Give me three minutes and I’ll tell you why.

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Mississippi State University Intern Builds Her Skillset!

This is a guest post, written by Krystin, about her intern experience with us this summer.


This internship has been one for the books! I have had two mentors, which is definitely something to remember, both having helpful tips along the way. I’ve learned that respect between managers and the workers goes a long way. Without that respect, there is a void in communication, and nothing gets accomplished within the time frame that is needed. In order to gain this type of respect, you have to go out and work with the crews, show them that you understand what they are out there doing day to day in the heat. Having the opportunity to be on both sides definitely shows me the managers, or any person higher up than a crew member, truly cares about how everyone is doing. For me, that really means something. It means a lot to me when I’m out working with the service workers, and see my Mentor, or other Account Managers out there breaking a sweat and getting dirty with the crews to help get the work done.

Many of the Crew Leaders, Irrigation Techs, and my Mentors have taught me multiple new skills. I have used plenty of new tools and felt very accomplished when I’ve figured out the technique because I know now I have the skills to do any job. I am capable of trimming trees or finding irrigation breaks or clogs so much easier than I had before. Knowing that there is a specific technique to most everything that is done when taking care of a neighborhood or resort landscape opened my eyes in a whole new way. Being able to spot fungus and identify worms, chinch bugs, or other types of pests on turf or plants, is something I have come to find valuable. I know I can call the fert-chem crew or manager if I spot any type of problem while out in the field, and know that they’ll be there that day to fix the problem. This keeps the client or Property Manager pleased with the way the property looks.

Everything I have learned this summer has helped me so much and I hope with the time I have left in this awesome city of Orlando, that I will continue to learn and make more memories to look back on in the future. I came into this internship thinking I knew so much, only to realize that I had in fact only touched the surface with my previous internship. This being said, I am very pleased that I made the choice to come all the way to Florida, and expereince this hands on opportunity.


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How Your Landscape Improves Your Business

For many businesses today, it's not just what's inside their building that counts. Delivering great service and innovative products for your clients is essential. But you can't serve anyone until they walk through your door. That’s why your property’s landscape is so important. It can either invite people in or send them running to the competition. If your property is serviced by one of your area’s professional commercial landscape companies you should have a plethora of service and landscape enhancement options to choose from. Any of the options they present will greatly enhance your business’ first impression.

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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Landscape Contractor

Hiring a qualified, professional landscaping service for your commercial property is a good investment. But beware, not all commercial landscape contractors are the same. It's vital to choose a company that can take care of all your needs. Here are some important questions to ask when interviewing landscape contractors for your project to help you determine which company is right for your business.

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Is anyone reading your HOA newsletter?

You go to a lot of trouble to create your HOA’s community newsletter. You write the articles. You create the community calendar. You design it, print it, and mail it out to your residents. But sometimes you have to wonder, “Is anyone even reading this thing?”

When you feel like it’s time to refresh your HOA’s newsletter, why not reach out to your community vendors for some help?

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Building Lasting Relationships

Last Friday we brought our entire South Orlando branch together for a very special celebration to commemorate how that team is living our Yellowstone Landscape brand statement:

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Safety Spotlight on Team Savannah

In this Safety Spotlight we highlight how one of our Savannah crews, Sedrick, Demitris, and Ignacio, are demonstrating how Safety Works!

Our crews face many hazards each day.  Parking far away from traffic is one step that we take whenever possible, to minimize the potential for roadway accidents. Sedrick and his crew were spotted parked at the end of a cul-de-sac on a dead-end road.  Instead of simply parking in the roadway at the end of the street, their vehicle was parked off the road in a safe manner.  They had all 8 of their safety cones out, used their Transition Area Warning Device, and placed an Advance Warning Sign ahead of their work area. And all their equipment was inside the coned-off area, directly behind their truck.

Their safety-focused behavior was even more important because they were working for a new client with a very strong safety culture of their own, so they're very conscious of how our crews operate safely in the field.

Thanks for going above an beyond what's required, Sedrick, Demitris, and Ignacio!

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Lucky Number 13

Please indulge us as we start this post with an expression of our gratitude.

THANK YOU, first and foremost, to our clients for allowing us to continue serving you and growing our company.

THANK YOU to the 1800 dedicated full time, part time, and seasonal employees of Yellowstone Landscape.  Every day you are working hard to give our clients the beautiful and functional landscapes they deserve.

THANK YOU to our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors for all your support and assistance.  

THANK YOU to the wonderful horticultural and agricultural education programs across the South, training our industry’s next generation of leaders.

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