First of the Year Landscaping Tips

Looking for ways to keep your commercial property’s clients and employees happy? Don’t underestimate the power of an attractive and well maintained landscape.

You don’t need to spend lot to create green spaces that will entice employees to go outside, relax, and explore your property’s grounds. Here are some tips that can ensure an effective commercial landscape design:


Start with a plan

It’s important that you know about the micro environment of your property, when considering where to invest in your landscape. Be sure to take note of areas that receive ample sunlight, areas of shade and even how the wind blows across your location. This will help you decide what to plant where and can even help decide where outdoor dining and break areas should be located. Plan for all seasons to maximize enjoyment of the space.

Enlist the help of a professional commercial landscape firm to develop a plan for your outdoor spaces. Pros can tell you what plant materials will look good in the space, and they also have a sound knowledge of the different kinds of plants that will work, the right trees for the right spots, and the most convenient systems for irrigation.


Make sure the landscape design harmonizes with the architecture of the building

Having a landscape design that goes with the building architecture is extremely important to an effective commercial landscape design. Keep in mind that the landscape is usually intended to enhance the aesthetic of the architecture, not than dominate it.

Also, consider developing a theme for the landscape, or adding some signature elements. It can help your clients characterize all your locations, just by their visual appearance.


Make sure the entrance is inviting

Any carefully planned commercial landscape design should start with a welcoming entrance. A captivating entry can be achieved by plantings such as colorful flowers, blooming perennials, bright grasses, and even incorporate hardscape elements around existing signage.

Incorporating some of these ideas in your main entry will add value and please employees and guests visiting your commercial property.


Think including about a focal point

Strengthen the visual appeal of your property by including a focal point, such as a water feature or a professionally designed annual flower bed. A strong focal point on the outside of the building draws more interest to the location, creating opportunities to showcase other features of the property.


Make sure it makes the right impression on clients

First impressions are important. An organized and tidy landscape means that your potential client will notice the landscape as a sign of a well managed building, giving them greater confidence in the products or services your clients are providing.  


Avoid overplanting

Make sure you consider what the plantings in your landscape plan will look like as they mature. We often see commercial landscape plantings that have overgrown the area as they developed. It not only decreases the visibility of the building and other amenities, but also makes the landscape look untidy and unkempt.

When you are planning to plant trees, keep in mind how quickly they will mature and how their roots will spread. Likewise, don’t plant shrubs too closely to each other. No one wants an overgrown landscape. It increases regular maintenance costs, and removing mature plant material can lead to expensive renovations and rejuvenation projects down the road.


Selecting what to plant

Carefully select plantings with colors and texture that harmonize with the color and texture of the building’s architecture.

It is also important that you pick plants according to where you are deciding to plant them. Choose locally grown, native plants when at all possible. You should know how much sun or shade the plants will need, the type of soil, and other factors a specific plant requires in order to thrive. Having a soil test performed before planting is also a good best practice to have your landscaper implement.

Also, keep in mind is the seasonal variations and plan the plantings in a way that ensures there is something blooming throughout the year You can make use of plants like evergreens and unique shrubs for color during the cold seasons.


Ensure your design is low maintenance and convenient

While it is difficult to create a landscape plan that requires zero maintenance, a plan that requires less maintenance is achievable.

A properly planned landscape will ensure that you spend less of your property’ budget on maintenance in the long run.

It’s also very important to consider your irrigation system in your landscape plan. Irrigation is meant to supplement rainfall, not replace it. It should never be your landscape’s only source of water. Options like smart controllers and drip irrigation lines can save your property thousands of dollars over the life of your system.

Finally, landscaping is a year-round activity. You and your landscaper will continue to work and care for new and mature new plantings in every month of the year. This is why it is so important that your commercial landscape partner is aware of the local fertilization and water requirements of every property to take great care of you and your landscape.






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Tips for Making Spaces That Your Clients & Employees Appreciate

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Being strapped to technology without a break can get really frustrating for employees. Giving them the opportunity to take a break and inhale some fresh air can really help when the workload is dragging them down. A breather outdoors can be rejuvenating, according to a lot of studies that prove the advantages of commercial landscaping.

Making an outdoor space for employees and clients to work and gather can greatly enhance the productivity and create a close-knit community. Commercial landscaping can reduce the work pressure, enhance teamwork among the employees, promote physical activity and liven up the overall environment at work.

Landscape maintenance is also crucial for outdoor spaces because while providing an outdoor space to the employees can be helpful, frequently changing the setting can boost creativity and enhance the mood of the employees.

Outdoor spaces prove to be a smart move, so what should you consider when making a space that both - your clients and employees appreciate?

Here are some tips that can ensure an effective outdoor space and entice employees to go outside:

A balcony garden or a rooftop space:

Consider places that are on the ground to ensure the employees can get diverse outdoor experiences. If there is a balcony or rooftop in the commercial structure, it can be transformed into a garden area. Make the space attractive to pollinators, butterflies, and birds by planting colorful flowers and grasses. Plant vegetables to ensure that the employees get to eat fresh.

Patio Area:

A hardscaped gathering space encompassing seating and privacy screens will encourage the staff to utilize the outdoors for lunch, which can prove to be beneficial, as it will boost their creativity and productivity once they go back to their workspaces.  It is important to carefully decide the position of the patio.

Consider whether you want to locate it nearby an indoor cafeteria as it would be convenient or would prefer more of a private space that is linked with the office through a path, as it would provide the employees with a getaway on premises.

Walking Trails:

Promoting physical activity can reduce illnesses drastically and ensure that the employees stay healthy. Walking trails, which run throughout the campus, offer the employees the privilege to exercise on site. A lot of studies have shown how physical activity can release feel-good hormones. Make seating arrangements like benches or natural stones along the track so the employees can take a break. Including activities, stations are also a good idea.

Outdoor Grilling Station:

Another great way you can enhance the outdoor space of your corporate office is by incorporating an outdoor grilling station. Here the employees can hold demonstrations. Corporate lunches can also take place in this outdoor kitchen and it offers a lot of opportunities for different kinds of events.

Beanbag Toss Boards and Bocce Ball Courts:

A place where an employee can enjoy their break by engaging in playing not only helps to improve their teamwork, interpersonal skills and relations with other colleagues but also improves their morale.

This is one of the reasons why more and more businesses are incorporating leisure spaces on their campuses. Commercial landscaping that is recreation based is a perfect balance of work and play due to their ability to improve fellowship among colleagues.  

Putting in recreational enhancements like bocce ball courts or beanbag toss boards can prove to be perfect for de-stressing during breaks.

Shade Structures:

Pair outdoor seating with canopies to ensure that they are comfortable and useful. If you want employees to be able to relax outside, install shade structures in areas that do not have any natural canopy so people can avoid the sun. There are a wide variety of options, from pergolas that can support the growth of creepers to climbers, and vines that give a modern touch. Oversized umbrellas can also be utilized to provide shade spaces with table and chairs.

Water features and Outdoor Fireplaces:

Landscape enhancements that provide a feeling of home are getting more and more popular in commercial properties.

Places of fire outdoors and fire pits can be pleasing spaces for the employees to have cookouts or brainstorming meetings. They can also be perfect to invite clients from out of town.  

Water features not only add to the aesthetic of the landscape but can also create an atmospheric environment.

Functional Considerations:

  • Adaptable seating arrangements: Arrange different kinds of seating options from benches to chairs with tables. It is extremely important to consider the flexibility so you can take advantage of the commercial outdoor space, when required, in a lot of ways. For example: if the furniture you have selected is versatile, it can be rearranged for things like group meetings.
  • Wi-Fi: Make sure that the employees can easily connect to the Internet outdoors from their mobile devices, tablets or laptops. This will enhance the utility of the outdoor space further.
  • Electrical receptacles: The outdoor spaces should be equipped to allow the employees to work in the landscape. It is important that the outdoor space of a corporate property has outlets for electricity so that the employees can make use of them when they decide to take their work outside.
  • Privacy: Create privacy in your commercial space by utilizing landscape features like plants, trellises that support the growth of climbers and creepers, evergreens, freestanding wood, metal or stonewalls, or hardscape retaining walls.

Creating good outdoor spaces can ensure that both your employees and clients are pleased.

It can be extremely difficult to find workers who are talented, therefore, retaining these skilled people and top performers is important for any business because the workforce is what contributes to the success of the company. It is, therefore, a good idea to provide the employees with an outdoor space where they can relax and take part in recreational activities, as it can essentially provide the company with a competitive advantage.

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6 Landscaping Amenities to Consider for Your Commercial Property

With regular lawn maintenance, your commercial property is going to look stunning. However, a few extra amenities can take it to the next level by creating an area tenants, employees and guests can enjoy. Whether you’re working within a city setting with limited space, or a large corporate office campus, the right landscape partner will have solutions that make your outdoor space inviting.


Consider adding some of the following useful and appealing touches to your commercial green space:


The First Amenity to Always Consider - Furniture

Encourage people to enjoy their lunches or breaks outside with sufficient furniture. You can acquire some amazing patio sets so that groups of individuals can get together. You can also add benches where people can relax for a few moments.

Nothing beats having a barbecue in the middle of summer. Your tenants will love having an area to grill burgers and hot dogs, especially if it is an apartment complex where they would be unable to have a grill otherwise. Professional offices might find a grilling space useful for team outings in the summer.

Make Your Landscape Shine with Thoughtful Lighting

While the sun lights the way during the day, you want something that will allow people to enjoy the scenery on cloudy days and evenings as well. Consider an energy efficient lighting option so that you do not increase your monthly electric bills too much.

Pathway lighting adds that extra touch that takes your landscape from pretty to sophisticated.

Yellowstone Landscape Path Lighting

Combat High Water Usage with a Cistern

You need an irrigation system in place that allows you to keep trees and flowers growing healthily. However, constantly having the sprinklers running can quickly add up and is not great for the environment. By installing a cistern on your commercial property, you can easily collect rainwater, and use that to water your foliage.

Consider a Decorative Fire Pit for Function and Style

Many different variations exist for fire pits. Consider a gas pit with decorative stone and cozy seating. Numerous styles exist for these pits, so you can find one that perfectly complements the rest of your property’s aesthetic. Allow users to control gas fire pits with a timer. This also ensures that it will not stay on all night when people head home.

Could Fencing be That Finishing Touch?

A fence around your commercial property does more than just add an attractive flourish to the edges of your beautiful green space. It also adds some security. Wood or metal? Security, aesthetics, or both? Your landscape designer will help you choose a fence that flows well with your overall look.

A Water Fixture Takes Your Space to the Next Level

Ponds and fountains are calming and eye-catching features. People can gather around and enjoy the soothing sound of running water. Worried about keeping up with this substantial addition? Leave it to your landscaper who will include fountain maintenance in the regular maintenance plan.

Partner with the Right Landscape Provider

From start to finish, design to regular maintenance, Yellowstone Landscape offers first-class commercial landscaping services. Get in touch with our team today by calling 407.512.5714. We look forward to working together to achieve the ultimate look for your property.


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Landscaping and Brand Image - What Is Your Curb Appeal Saying to Potential Customers?

Curb appeal is important for any business. Whether you have an apartment complex, office building or a public institution, you want to convey the right image to everyone driving by.

You don’t want people to steer clear of your organization because your landscape has fallen into a state of disarray. Consider what an outsider would think of your building just from looking at the surrounding property. Is it eye-catching? Is it representative of your business standards?

Following are some questions to consider when it comes to your office’s curb appeal.

What is Our “Personality”?

Many business owners have difficulty figuring out what kind of aesthetic they should go with for their property’s landscape. An easy place to start is with your company culture. A whimsical company may consider something outside the box and colorful. A more traditional firm might go for something clean cut and neutral. Whatever your culture, understand that a messy, unstructured landscape might inadvertently convey a lack of quality control to others.

Have You Considered Outdoor Meeting Areas?

Some businesses need to be straightforward and conduct all business inside. However, you should think about whether your company could benefit from some outdoor seating areas. Office buildings can promote a renewing lunch break for their employees by including some tables amongst shaded foliage. Corporate properties can welcome clients and guests with meeting spots on patios and in courtyards. Some other amenities to consider include umbrellas for shade and decorative fountains.

Does Your Landscape Work With or Against Signage?

While a properly maintained landscape is important, it is also vital that potential customers are able to see your business’s sign. It is possible to find plants that work well to complement any signage. Placing a sign in a flower bed delivers a bright and vibrant first impression for your company. Remember, you want the landscaping around your sign to be well maintained and not overgrown.

What’s Good for the Entire Year?

You don’t want the front of your property to only be attractive for half the year. You want something that is going to be manageable all year round. This means employing the proper maintenance practices for the season you’re in. For example, in cold weather, ensuring all your walkways are kept free of ice. A reliable landscape provider will offer a maintenance schedule that meets your needs in every season.
Every square foot of your property is a chance to create a positive impression for your business.

Yellowstone Landscape can help you achieve the perfect aesthetic to fit your business needs. Contact our team by calling 407.512.5714 today.

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Landscaping and Other Outdoor Feature Upgrades That Make Cents

Fall is a great time of year to consider an outdoor feature project for your community or commercial property. But before you commit to a decision about what project to tackle with your budget dollars, there’s a new study out that you should consider first.

The study, released last week by the National Association of Landscape Professionals in partnership with the National Association of Realtors, looks at the return on investment for some of the most common landscaping upgrades and other outdoor feature projects. The report, titled “2016 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features”, also looks at the reasons why projects are undertaken and considers the happiness a project brings to the owner upon completion.

While the study is focused on homeowners, the results do offer some interesting insights for commercial property managers about the most effective ways to increase the value of your owner’s property through outdoor features and upgrades.

Not surprisingly, the least financially responsible outdoor project was the addition of a swimming pool. While homeowners reported the highest degrees of happiness after the project was completed, the study found that only half of what they spent would ever be recovered at resale.

This would also be true for an association that might be considering an addition of a community pool, playground, or sports courts. Pools and other recreational spaces are some of the highest liability areas for any HOA, they are expensive to keep in good working order, and very rarely become the community gathering places that well-intentioned Board Members envision.

If you’re looking for an outdoor project that won’t lose half the money you put into it, the survey found that landscape overhauls, patios, and decks all returned the investment put into them and brought high levels of enjoyment to homeowners.

For a commercial property or residential association, think of anything that creates or enhances areas where people gather at your property. In a residential community, this could be creating a nature trail or a community garden. For a commercial property, consider adding or updating outdoor break areas and dining spaces. Landscape overhauls and enhancement projects, like enlarging annual color beds, or adding trees and shrubs around parking areas, are other examples of outdoor features that are both a sound financial investment and will increase the visual appeal and enjoyment of your property.

So what was the number one, overall best investment for anyone looking to improve their outdoor spaces?

The study found that the most appealing project also offers the highest return on investment, and it’s something most homeowners don’t ever consider when selling their home – a lawn care treatment program. Simply having a regular fertilization and spray application program in place returns over 300% on its investment. That means you can expect $3 back for every $1 you spend on your landscape management program!

It’s not nearly as exciting as a pool or a new firepit, but a lawn that’s lush, green, and weed free is the number one recommendation made by realtors to increase the value of their sellers’ homes.

For the professional PM, this is information that you can apply to your properties, too. Whether you’re a CAM serving as advisor to homeowner associations or a CPM managing and leasing commercial spaces, make sure that any discussions about landscaping or outdoor feature projects start with a careful evaluation of the health and quality of your green spaces. Not only will it immediately increase the attractiveness of your property, it’s also a sound investment that adds long term value to the property for the owners. Something they’ll be sure to appreciate when renewing your management services agreement.

You can read the complete report on the REALTOR website here.

Or you can view an infographic created from the study’s findings here.


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How Your Landscape Improves Your Business

For many businesses today, it's not just what's inside their building that counts. Delivering great service and innovative products for your clients is essential. But you can't serve anyone until they walk through your door. That’s why your property’s landscape is so important. It can either invite people in or send them running to the competition. If your property is serviced by one of your area’s professional commercial landscape companies you should have a plethora of service and landscape enhancement options to choose from. Any of the options they present will greatly enhance your business’ first impression.

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Is anyone reading your HOA newsletter?

You go to a lot of trouble to create your HOA’s community newsletter. You write the articles. You create the community calendar. You design it, print it, and mail it out to your residents. But sometimes you have to wonder, “Is anyone even reading this thing?”

When you feel like it’s time to refresh your HOA’s newsletter, why not reach out to your community vendors for some help?

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We Offer Commercial Landscaping Maintenance for Business Properties

How well a hotel or apartment complex is landscaped can help make it inviting to guests or the residents who live there. It can also show how much you value your properties when the grass is kept trimmed and the plants are tended to on a regular basis. At Yellowstone Landscape, we have the experience your business needs to help care for the lawns on your properties so they make a great first impression.

What We Do

We offer a variety of services as part of our commercial landscaping maintenance plans. Not only will the lawn always look its best, but we can also make sure the irrigation system is always ready for use. Along with mowing the grass, our landscape professionals will also fertilize the lawn and keep it weed free. We can also keep insects from destroying the appearance of your lawn and plants.

You will always be kept apprised of what we have planned for the landscape on your properties. You will be contacted by the manager assigned to your account. He or she will also discuss the maintenance schedule with you, so you know when to expect our company to be at your properties. Our schedules are flexible, so if what we have planned doesn't work for you, we can always change the days or times we arrive to care for your properties.

Environmentally Conscious Care

Although many commercial landscaping maintenance companies only offer chemical solutions to keep properties looking great, we offer organic options if you don't want chemicals on your lawns. Along with organic fertilizers, we also offer organic solutions for controlling insects and diseases and for keeping weeds under control. To help keep pests away, we use biological, mechanical and cultural methods as alternatives to chemical solutions.

We are also concerned about controlling water usage, and we can add drought-resistant plants and trees to your landscapes. Yellowstone Landscape also offers different irrigation solutions to avoid wasting water, such as rain sensors, drip irrigation and smart controllers. These options will help conserve fresh water and reduce your properties' water bills as well.

Tree Care Too

We are not only concerned with caring for your grass. We provide care for the trees on your properties as well. As part of our landscape services, we will feed your trees, plants and grass so they thrive, and your trees will be pruned to insure they are healthy and look beautiful. We have certified arborists on staff and we use the industry's best practices in our commercial landscaping maintenance services.

If your hotels or apartment complexes need expert landscaping, Yellowstone Landscape has the professional staff and services you need to keep your lawns, trees and plants looking beautiful.

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Our All About Annuals Guide

In the month of April, we're celebrating National Lawn Care month with lots of helpful information for the property management professional and the homeowner alike. 

We all want our landscape to look great, whether it be the entrance to our offices or our own front yard.  And nothing makes it look like spring quite like a great annual display. 

For this reason, we’re republishing our guide – “All About Annuals”.  It takes you through the basics of choosing the colors for your display, techniques for planting and offers some popular plant selections for every season.

Click here or on the image below to download our guide.


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The Scoop on Dealing with Late Summer Lawn Stress


Late summer can be one of the most difficult seasons for your home’s lawn and landscaping. Temperatures are at their hottest of the year and you’re likely to be dealing with either excessive rainfall or extended drought. And the humid nights aren't giving your lawn a break from the stress of the daytime, either. There are a few things to remember as we approach the late summer season that will help keep your lawn healthy and deal with the stress brought on by Mother Nature.

Be flexible with your maintenance program.

By late summer most of us have gotten into the routine of weekly mowings.
Every Saturday morning we’re out behind our mower and it’s become part of our schedule. Weekly mowings are a great practice, but pay attention to the weather to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your lawn. If you’re in the middle of an extended period of drought with little relief in site, it might be better to skip a week and let your lawn recover. Keep an eye on your irrigation schedule, too. If you’re getting daily rainfall and your lawn’s showing signs of disease, it’s probably best to dial back your watering frequency and help your lawn dry out.

Don’t forget about the less regular additional maintenance practices.

Sometimes called cultural practices, or best management practices, there are other things that your lawn needs in addition to regular maintenance tasks like mowing and watering. Additional practices include things like fertilizing, overseeding, topdressing, aerating, and implementing an integrated pest management (IPM) program. More on these practices in future editions of The Scoop.

Know when to fertilize your lawn.

When your grass gets a little brown in the late summer, it’s easy to be tempted to add a little fertilizer, but be careful not to fertilize too soon. Late summer fertilizing should only be done when you’re sure that you’ve passed the worst of late summer stress and when nighttime temperatures begin to cool and the humidity is less severe. This means that most of us will typically be waiting until September to apply our fertilizers. Fertilizing too soon alters the natural growth pattern of your turf and creates an environment favorable for pests and disease. Applying at the right time promotes deep and healthy roots and gives them time to get established before fall and winter.

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