Central Houston Landscape Management Intern Finds His Passion and Career!


This guest post was written by Ryan, about his intern experience with us this summer.

This summer I’ve had the opportunity to Intern at Yellowstone Landscape’s Central Houston Branch.  During this time, I focused on experiencing the landscape maintenance and enhancement division.  Coming into my internship as a graduating senior from Sam Houston State University, I knew I was interested in landscape, but I didn’t know Yellowstone Landscape would make it my passion.  The company prides itself on positive interactions with others, and they make sure to start within.  Since day one, the staff has gone above and beyond to provide me with the tools to be successful and I have never dealt with a more well-rounded, fully functioning group.  It is not specific to a single department or branch either, it’s throughout the entire company.

Interning at Yellowstone Landscape has provided me with the ability to apply my classroom knowledge in the field.  The experiences were spot on and covered a wide scale of operations including irrigation, landscape maintenance, landscape enhancements, and arbor care.  These processes have expanded my knowledge base and prepared me for anything that comes my way.  One important aspect of the company is the focus to perform safely.  It is important to keep the staff healthy and out of harm’s way, so they go home at the end of the day without injury, but safe practices also help the business operate smoothly and on schedule.  As I experienced every rotation I realized this is where I want to be!  Every day I am challenged, and I am constantly learning “the ropes”.  With all these valuable experiences there is one that is most prominent.

During my first week, I worked with the landscape enhancement crew installing a butterfly garden at a local college.  Being a part of the process was humbling and challenging as we worked to satisfy the client.  Working with a client directly for the first time was interesting and taught me the importance of adapting.  In this business, if you are not open minded and able to adapt when things do not go according to plan you will experience failure.  You must do whatever you can to complete the job and meet customer expectations even if resources are limited.  You have made a commitment and must complete the task.  Building relationships and having the trust of clients knowing you will complete the job and provide them with high-quality service is what this business thrives on.

Going into my internship I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew what I liked and what I didn’t like, what made this a great experience was going into it open minded.  Certain aspects of the company that I was not interested in before my internship, are now some of my favorites!  The biggest factor in being successful is having the ability to adapt and think fast.  To be able to process multiple tasks and work on prospective leads at the same time.  The management team here has great leadership and they pushed me to perform to my full potential.  As I wrap up my Internship at Yellowstone Landscape, I am confident that they have provided me with everything it will take to have a successful career.  I am honored to be able to begin my career with such a prestigious company and am looking forward to what comes next as I transition into my new role.



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