This guest post was written by Alex, about his intern experience with us this summer.

I am a senior at the University of Central Florida, majoring in Business Management. Having previously been a part of the Yellowstone Landscape family I reached out to them for an internship opportunity. I was very fortunate to be accepted into the program where I have gained managerial and technical experience, and plenty of professional skills! As I began this program I knew I wanted to develop myself professionally while adding value to the team in Daytona Beach.

I had the pleasure of being mentored by Senior Account Manager, Ryan Smith, as well as Branch Manager, Brian Weatherby. Through them, I gained valuable knowledge; from designing flower beds, to developing proposals through Excel, to overseeing a crew trimming Medjool palms. Though I have a lot to learn, Ryan guided me through the principles of successful management such as; organization, leadership, and problem solving, and I was able to apply these principles to my “Internship Project”.

This project required the trimming of 375 Medjool palms in the city of Ormond Beach, FL. After demonstrating how to trim the palms and the desired look, Ryan turned the project over to me and a two-man crew. My role was to oversee the project in terms of safety and productivity. This experience taught me to always be one step ahead with planning and to communicate effectively between the crew and management for the most productive results. There is constant change and unforeseen events that can delay work, and communication is key for solving any issues. For example, when equipment failed, we had to find a way to continue the project, like using pole saws while the lift was in for repairs. Though it was not as efficient as using the bucket truck it was a temporary fix that kept the project moving.

Yellowstone has given me the opportunity to develop in ways I never imagined. In addition to the project; weekly intern meetings, branch meetings, and participating in a bid submission, has greatly benefited my understanding of this industry. After graduation, I look forward to utilizing these skills as a valuable member of the Yellowstone Landscape team!