Lucky Number 13

Lucky Number 13

Please indulge us as we start this post with an expression of our gratitude.

THANK YOU, first and foremost, to our clients for allowing us to continue serving you and growing our company.

THANK YOU to the 1800 dedicated full time, part time, and seasonal employees of Yellowstone Landscape.  Every day you are working hard to give our clients the beautiful and functional landscapes they deserve.

THANK YOU to our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors for all your support and assistance.  

THANK YOU to the wonderful horticultural and agricultural education programs across the South, training our industry’s next generation of leaders.



So, why all the gratitude?

Because this is the time of year when the landscape trade publications put together their lists of the largest companies in our industry.  It’s a fitting time to pause for a moment and reflect on what we’ve accomplished as a company over the past year.

In the current issue of Lawn and Landscape, we’re ranked as the 13th largest company in our industry.  That’s up 2 spots from where we’ve been each of the past 2 years.  You can download the full Top 100 list here.


What does our place on these lists really mean to us?

Growth is one of our company’s pillars of performance.  It’s one of our top goals because growth is a sign of a healthy company.  It allows us to create new opportunities for our employees.  Growth allows us to replace old equipment, explore new technology, and more effectively serve our clients.  

We may never reach number one on this list, and that’s just fine with us. 

Not because we’re not competitive (trust me - we are), but because we understand that there are far more important measures of our company’s success than revenue.


So for now, please allow us to simply express our thanks to you.  Whether you’re a client, an employee, a vendor, or an educator…

THANK YOU for making Yellowstone Landscape this year’s “lucky number 13”.


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