North Houston Interns Finds Family Away From Home!


This guest post was written by Gladys, about her intern experience with us this summer.

As a Plant and Soil Sciences student at Sam Houston State University and with an avid interest in biology and chemistry, I was unsure what I would learn with this internship.  One thing I did not expect was the comforting feel of family that Yellowstone provides.  There is the father figure, Greg, who is all knowing and who the other managers look to for guidance.  Then, my Mentor Nick, who is like an older brother and who has gone above and beyond to teach me everything he knows as well as look out for my best interest.  Not knowing what to expect from such a prestigious company was frightening but that all disappeared when the entire branch rallied around me during my first intern video-conference meeting.  They knew I was nervous to be in front of a computer filled with strangers (the other Interns), yet they stayed with me through the entire meeting helping me to relax and smile.  


Working in the field with the crews has opened my eyes to things that are often over looked.  These guys work hard and give their all, no matter the time frame or the difficulty.  Many shared experiences that have shaped who they are today, and they are grateful for the opportunities they are given, singing the praises of Yellowstone.  The managers go above and beyond to teach their crews and improve their work experiences.  One day a Crew Leader asked me “what is the biggest room” and when I didn’t have the answer he smiled and said, “the room for improvement!”.  These men have taught me that you may not always be the best, but you can get there.  One thing I have carried with me during my internship is, to lead, you must first know how.  Working with these crews and earning their respect has meant a great deal.  It is gratifying to be asked to come back and work with them because they see me as an asset, not a burden.  As I approach the end of my internship I am saddened to leave these men knowing they have become more than co-workers, they have become a family that cares about me and for each other.  From my experiences, I can now step onto a job site with confidence to guide and teach the crews easier techniques to improve their work and share scientific knowledge I have learned in the classroom.  

Horticulturally, I have received great satisfaction seeing properties transform.  I am very passionate about small details that can change the entire aesthetics of a property, enhancements that can be made to a landscape to make it more vibrant.  I am grateful to Yellowstone Landscape for the opportunity to be a part of its family for the summer.  Everyone has surpassed their responsibility to guide me on this journey and the North Houston Branch has become a home for the summer.  I will always have amazing memories from my internship experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a hard-working group of people who have taught me through sharing their experiences.

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