Snow & Ice Services You Should Include In Your Commercial Landscaping Contract This Winter

snow and ice

Falling snow is one of nature’s most beautiful displays. Unfortunately, snow turns into a problem when it starts to pile up on your commercial property. When it covers driveways, parking lots, and walkways, it can bring your business activity to a standstill.

The timely management of ice and snow issues on your property is critical to the safety of your clients and help keeps the business operating properly.


Snow and Ice Services

There are a broad range of snow and ice services that your commercial landscaping partner can provide for you. A short list of the winter weather services include: Snow Plowing, Ice Removal, Snow Removal, Sand Applications, Ice Melting Application, Snow Blowing, On-Site Maintenance, and Preventive Surface Treatments. In this post we’ll explore the most common snow and ice services provided by commercial landscape contractors.


Snow Plowing

Snow plowing instantly helps you get rid of snow piles in front of your commercial site. Snow plowing vehicles have a powerful engine to help move snow in large quantities, making them ideal for snow-clearance.

Hand Labor

Although more costly, field laborers specialize in clearing snow from narrow walkways, stairs, and porches. Using a variety of hand tools and shovels, staff can remove snow and mitigate ice risk in areas that snow plows and heavy equipment can’t access.

Preventive Surface Treatments

Melted snow that turns into ice has the potential to cause serious injuries and accidents on your property and must be treated promptly to ensure safety for people walking across your property. There is a wide continuum of preventive surface treatments used by various service providers, but rock salt to melt ice is still most common.



Work with Your Landscape Partner to Manage Your Ice & Snow Wisely!

For most Yellowstone Landscape branch locations, snow and ice aren’t an issue. But if you are in an area that experiences irregular snowfall, having a landscape provider with the right experience to manage the ice and snow on your property can be very important.  While snow and ice specific contracts aren’t the norm in the South and Southwest, it’s essential that you have a clear understanding of what your landscape provider can do for you, in the event of a snowfall or ice event in your area.



If you’re looking for a commercial landscape company with a plan for a addressing your winter safety concerns, then Connect with Us. We have a team of experienced landscaping experts ready to handle your property’s snow and ice service needs.



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