This guest post was written by Steven, about his intern experience with us this summer. 

As a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in Information Systems, I went into this internship with no knowledge of what a landscape company does or a desire to work in the industry. Accepting this internship is one of the best decisions I have made to build my skillset for a professional career. I was unsure of which industry to enter postgraduate but interning with Yellowstone Landscape has taught me that I can go into any type of industry and succeed, no matter how uncertain I may be.

Throughout my internship I worked on a special project relating to the rollout of a new company-wide software program and the challenges that come with it. I was involved in researching challenges that came with the rollout of this software and finding solutions for improvements. While working on this project I met with all users including; Branch, Business Development, Account, and Office Managers, and various supervisors. This was a great opportunity to learn the ups and downs of implementing a new information system, while hearing the perspectives of upper management all the way to the field workers. This gave me a better understanding of how my actions and the implementation of an information system is perceived and affects the users. I also learned the challenges of implementing a new system and how to manage them to positively impact the employees and the company. My greatest take-away is the importance of communication. When implementing a new system, you must be willing to receive feedback, both positive and negative, to develop improvements and make the system user friendly.

As an Information Systems major, I imagined my entire time would be spent in an office behind a computer, but I was wrong! On several occasions I was given the opportunity to do field work, which got me out of the office, and gave me a better perspective of the work behind the numbers and data loaded into the system. This experience added to the versatility of my internship. It has also taught me when considering a career after graduation, to look for a position that includes diverse responsibilities and opportunities in different areas of a company.

This internship taught me how to utilize the tools and problem-solving skills learned in the classroom in an efficient and professional manner. I also developed a lot of my soft skills, especially communication, and I could not be more grateful for the experience and opportunities I have been provided by Yellowstone Landscape!