Top Cleanup Services to Include in Your Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contract



It's important to make sure that your property is in tip-top shape at all times, and that starts with your landscaping. Landscaping is the face of your commercial property, and it should be a top priority when it comes to your property’s upkeep and maintenance.

Maintaining your commercial landscape is important not only for its visual appeal, but for the health of your landscape.

Here are a few of the services that you should be including in your commercial landscape maintenance contract:



Lawn Maintenance



Maintaining the turf areas of your landscape keeps your property looking well-kept and professional. Your landscaping crew will start with a sweep of the property to remove any trash or other debris they find in your turf areas. Your landscaper should only use professional grade equipment and they should know how to operate it as safely and efficiently as possible.





Mulching is essential to the growth and health of plants and trees on your commercial property.

Mulch keeps weeds from growing to prevent root competition and helps retain water to keep roots moist. It also prevents soil compaction, and keeps the soil underneath insulated from extreme heat and cold.

Your commercial landscaping crew will ensure that all areas on the property are mulched properly to keep your trees and plants healthy, so your landscape’s planting beds and trees stay healthy and weed free.





Your turf requires a customized nutritional program to grow strong and stay healthy. Proper fertilizing will help keep your grass healthy, prevent the growth of unwanted weeds, and ultimately, will protect the long-term investment that you put into creating a beautiful commercial landscape at your property.

Different types of landscapes require a different types of fertilizers for use. Your commercial landscaping company has the expertise to recommend the right fertilizer for use, and suggest how often this service should be implemented.






Edging, both hard (against concrete surfaces) and soft (against planting beds) is a necessary clean-up service to give your landscape a neat and well manicured appreance. Edging also keeps your plant and flower beds tidy and in good shape, it keeps the soil and mulch in place, and prevents the grass from invading your planting beds.



Pruning & Cutback



Scheduling pruning and cutbacks as a part of your commercial landscape service will allow for the adequate air flow and sunlight necessary to keep your plants and trees healthy.

Regular pruning and cutbacks also protect the visitors and patrons of your property. Old, weak, and dead branches are dangerous, especially during the summer storm season. Fallen branches and debris impede access to sidewalks and roadways, creating a hazard that can easily be avoided. This is why it’s so important to consider this clean-up service to maintain the health and safety of your property’s landscape.


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