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Winter Plants for Your Commercial Property


Winter Plants for Your Commercial Property

Plants are an essential part of our lives. We might not realize it, but plants bring comfort, color, and vibrancy to otherwise dull places. During the winter, when trees are barren, your property’s landscape can look pretty gloomy and unappealing. Here are some beautiful winter plants suggested by commercial property landscape experts that are low maintenance and will definitely add life to the melancholy of the winter season.

















The English Boxwood

The English boxwood is a perfect winter plant for commercial property. This tiny evergreen shrub has naturally slow growth. The leaves of the English boxwood have exquisite coloring with yellow-green leaves. The English Boxwood will be an ideal choice for adding more color to your commercial property landscape.

















The winterberry comes in different shapes and sizes, which makes them a perfect choice to give your commercial space a lively look in dull winter. These shrubs are a good option for commercial properties because they need moist soil to grow. Most of the winterberry shrubs are insect resistant and they are not prone to any serious illness. Expect many birds to visit your property because they attract birds during winter for its berries.













The Primrose

The primrose is another attractive winter plant that comes in vibrant and attractive colors. They are the best choice for commercial landscaping during the winter time. These plants come in many forms and varieties. Apart from their bright colors, they also give out a wonderful scent. The primrose reaches its full bloom in mid-winter adds new life to the property and brightens up the gloomy winter days.

Winter plants bring new life to an otherwise dull landscape during this season. Get in touch with us for commercial property landscape solutions, tailored to your needs in any season.



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