Winter Safety Issues in Your Landscape


For property managers, winter brings new safety concerns to your commercial landscape. It’s the responsibility of the property manager to ensure tenant and visitor safety and security throughout the year, including during the wintertime. And winter is when many of the most costly hazards happen; primarily due to slip and fall claims.

This is why property maintenance, upkeep, and landscaping are year-round jobs, and the duties and responsibilities of property managers aren’t just limited to warmer seasons.


Winter Safety Concerns

While property managers never seem to have time to sit back and relax, wintertime has the potential to pose some of the most serious challenges. Dealing with ice and ice-related accidents—such as falling tree limbs covered with heavy snow, ice-melting from rooftops, slippery driveways, etc., is not easy. And all of these risks can result in dangerous consequences.

The good news is that property managers can hire experienced commercial landscaping companies to help fix these problems, and develop proactive prevention and winter weather mitigation plans. These plans will help keep people on the property safe, and protect them from physical harm due to damaged or insecure structures.

Issue #1: Dealing with Snow and Ice

When snow begins to pile up and block your parking lots, driveways, rooftops and outdoor area, it can become more than a nuisance. An experienced property manager prepares for the aftermath of heavy snow in advance and makes plans ahead of time by hiring a commercial landscape company with the right equipment and experience to handle the unexpected challenges of the winter season. The company will deal with snow and ice; preventing it from accumulating, and ultimately reducing the chances of potential hazards such as slips and falls, other accidents, and property damage.

Issue #2: Fallen Tree Branches and Limbs

Once tree branches are coated with heavy snow, they can collapse, posing a serious safety threat, and causing expensive property damage. Large branches covered with snow can even put the life of your tenants and those on neighboring properties in danger. A proactive landscape maintenance company prunes weak tree branches before the beginning of winter and leaves behind sturdy branches that are strong enough to hold up to the icy weather.

Issue #3: Icy Roads and Walkways

In areas of infrequent snowfall, ice is often a bigger concern than snow. Snow may only accumulate in small amounts, but the melting and re-freezing of snow results icy patches on the walkways and roadways within the property. These patches of black ice are some of the most dangerous areas in your landscape. They produce the most slips and falls, and lead to more claims than snow or any other side effects of winter weather.

If you’re looking for a commercial landscape company that specializes in handling your landscape safety concerns in every season, then Connect with Us—we have a team of experienced landscaping experts to help protect your tenants’ safety and security.

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