Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is committed to making Yellowstone Landscape the South's premier commercial landscape service company. We will bring that excellence to bear on behalf of our clients through industry-leading investments in safety, training and information systems.

Tim Portland

Chief Executive Officer

"We’re at our best with customers who have large or complex landscaping needs for their properties, and where their landscaping has important meaning to them - it’s a key part of their brand expression and a statement of their quality. Our customers receive great service, results and value from us, and equally appreciate us for what we do. Their properties look fantastic and generate noticeable ‘wows’. They are truly interested in forming a long term strategic partnership that is win-win."

Brian Martin

Regional Vice President, South Region

"What makes Yellowstone Landscape successful is our focus on planning and scheduling. Because we plan effectively, our service teams are more efficient, our quality standards are set higher, and our communication with our clients is crystal clear."


Jim Sivils

Regional Vice President, Texas Region

"Anyone can service your property, but at Yellowstone we have built a team that has a true passion for the industry and we are dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction. Give us the opportunity, and we'll show you what we're capable of achieving."


Brian Wester

Regional Vice President, Southeast Region

"At Yellowstone Landscape, we know that how we start our day is a great indicator of how successful we will be for the rest of it. We take great pride in organizing and taking care of our service facilities and our equipment. Our service teams are set up for success because we continue to look for small ways to improve our efficiency every day."


Elise Johnson

Vice President, Human Resources

"Our people are our biggest asset. Without them, we’d be just another landscape company. So, we take the job of identifying, training and recognizing our people very seriously. And we believe our people represent the best and brightest of our industry. The success of Yellowstone Landscape is directly related to the pride and abilities demonstrated by our people. Because it's the people who "create premier properties and build lasting relationships" with our valued clients."

James Herth

Vice President, Business Development

"Our dream partnerships are formed when a client is passionate about their landscape and wants to continually beautify their property."


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Creating premier properties.
Building lasting relationships.