Lazydays RV Resort

Tampa, Florida

Lazydays RV

Property Type
Resort Community

Services Provided
Landscape Design
Landscape Enhancements
Landscape Maintenance

Lazydays RV Resort in Seffner, Florida, just east of Tampa, is a truly unique property among the many that are served by our landscape maintanance teams.

The Lazydays Tampa location is the original, flagship resort and sales center of one of the country’s largest RV sales and service dealers, specializing in luxury motor coaches and camping experiences.

The 130-acre property includes a luxury RV resort with tennis courts, pools, restaurants and family recreation center. It also includes a sprawling sales and service center with hundreds of new RVs ready for purchase, some priced at more than $500,000.

Challenges abound in servicing the property for our landscape crews, including respecting the resort guests’ experience, protecting their valuable RVs, and navigating bustling traffic that includes golf carts buzzing between large motor coaches.



3235 North State Street
PO Box 849

Bunnell, FL 32110

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