Creekstone Office Park

Durham, NC

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Property Type
Commercial Office

Services Provided
Landscape Design
Landscape Enhancement
Landscape Maintenance

Creekstone Office Park is a highly desirable commercial office park, located in the middle of RTP, the area’s famed Research Triangle Park.

The Creekstone Office Park includes 5 multistory office buildings. Some of the areas most notable companies, including Cintas and Duke Health, lease portions of the park’s 350,000 square feet of office space.

The development was built along the natural bend of a creek that runs through the park.

The creek is one of the office park’s most notable landscape features, as are mature trees, rolling hills covered in vibrant turf grass, meticulously pruned shrubs, and colorful annual flower displays that welcome employees and visitors to the office park each day. Employees also enjoy access to a fitness and walking trail.

Yellowstone Landscape provides comprehensive landscape maintenance services for the park include mowing and detailing, irrigation management, and seasonal color displays.



3235 North State Street
PO Box 849

Bunnell, FL 32110

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