Landscape Design Internship

Landscape Design Internship: During your time working as a design intern at Yellowstone Landscape you will be able to share your ideas and creativity with our team. This internship was created with you in mind. You will visit properties, measure planting beds, take pictures for future designs and grow your creativity while working on various projects. Every day will be different, with new and exciting projects to work on. These experiences will increase your exposure to the horticulture environment and make you a better designer. This internship is ideal for students studying landscape architecture or design. It will help you build a portfolio using the work samples created while working at Yellowstone Landscape.

Cari: “I’ve learned a lot from this internship, but my biggest take away would be consulting with others to get the best outcome possible. It’s okay to ask questions or for suggestions on plant material from people around you who know a lot of things that you may not! What I wished for at the beginning of this internship was to get a hands-on experience and see what I’ve been learning in school applied in a real-world setting. And that’s exactly what I got! The people I’ve met and lessons I’ve learned have made me a better designer and hopefully will also make me a better student.”

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